Manufactoring divisions

Our Production Departments

Cutting – no.7 systems

The cutting of materials in bars is carried out with the use of cutting machines, transfer cutting machines and turning machines with diameters ranging from Ø 6 to Ø 80 and lengths from 30 mm to 2000 mm.

Milling - no.14 machining centres

Milling and drilling of components is carried out on vertical machining centres, transfer machines and numerical control grinding machines.

Turning - no.13 CNC lathes

The company has a bar turning department composed of both sliding- and fixed-head lathes for machining shafts of a diameter of between Ø 10 and Ø 60 and a length of between 50 mm and 1000 mm, as well as a secondary turning department for the machining of forged items or sections up to a diameter of Ø 150 and a length of 300 mm.

Induction Tempering - no.6 systems

High- and medium-frequency induction tempering is carried out in-house with the use of systems ranging from 35 to 100 kw on items with a diameter of between Ø 8 and Ø 80 and with a maximum length of 1 m.

Grinding - no. 10 centerless grinders

Generally, our parts are finished via the process of outside diameter grinding with the use of manual and/or automatic-loading centreless grinders.


The tooling department allows for the in-house creation of tools to support general production, as well as the creation of prototypes and small runs and pre-runs of new components.

Warehouse, Logistics and Shipping

This department includes the raw-materials, semi-finished and finished product warehouse, and the washing, assembly, protection, packing and shipping of products.

Quality Control

The quality control department includes a laboratory certified for the carrying out of dimensional, surface and metal controls on the products created.