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Grazioli Angelo & F.lli
Precision mechanical machining since 1951.

Grazioli Angelo & F.lli was founded in 1951 by Angelo, Edoardo and Lodovico Grazioli in a period that, in the wake of the Second World War, was characterised more than any other time in Italian history by important productive, economic and social progress. Since the very beginning, the company produced metal parts from its premises located in Fara Gera d’Adda, in the lower part of the province of Bergamo, in the Lombardy Plain, an area where a large number of production sites in Northern Italy are concentrated.
The evolution and the growth of the company led to specialisation over the years in contract precision mechanical machining in small and medium-sized runs on items produced from metal bars or via hot moulding.
Specialised in the production of rail shafts, shafts, planetary pinions, small welded components, moulded items or small casting, thanks to the professionalism of its personnel and the technology it possesses, the company is able to guarantee quality products and a precise and efficient service.
Over the years, the company has focused on the supply of components for motors, gearboxes, powertrains and axles for tractors, earth-moving equipment and industrial vehicles for the most important sector companies on an international level, shipping to their plants worldwide.

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The management of Grazioli Angelo & F.lli aims to consolidate the company’s presence in the European and non-European markets in which it operates to be in line with its best competitors, focusing on quality and constant improvement as the two strategic elements for company management.
For more than 70 years, the essential goals for our company’s mission have been:

  • Full and ongoing client satisfaction
  • Development of human resources and individual growth of personnel
  • Collaboration with suppliers
  • Technological evolution
  • Constant improvement and optimisation of company processes
  • Respect for requirements in terms of quality, safety and the environment
  • Safeguarding of worker health and safety

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Our History

The story of our company dates back to 1951 with the production of the first relief valves for coffee machines, as well as the creation of small metal parts with the use of cam lathes.
One of the events that marked the history of Grazioli Angelo & F.lli was the collaboration with SAME, a world leader in the production of tractors and agricultural machinery, which began in the early Sixties and that allowed our company to specialise in the processing of small and medium-sized runs of bar-metal components for the agricultural sector and for industrial vehicles, in particular shafts, rail shafts and planetary pinions.
Further development for Grazioli Angelo & F.lli was set in motion through collaboration with the Iveco Group and with Massey
Ferguson, which – in the ‘70s – led to the progressive expansion of production, later followed by the introduction of new clients
such as John Deere, Dana Off-Highway, Carraro Drive Tech, and the necessary expansion of the company structure and the
plant itself, which over the course of the years went from the original 800 m2 to 2400 m2, and which saw in 2006 the opening
of the new plant with 5000 m2 of covered space, employing 80 collaborators, in the current location at 158, Via Martiri di Cefalonia e Corfù, in Fara Gera d’Adda.

With regards to the foreign market, at the end of the ‘90s constant development led to the search for European and non-European markets, resulting in the current situation that sees Grazioli Angelo & F.lli exporting more than 35% of its production thanks to commercial relations with the most important international manufacturers of tractors and earth-moving machinery supplied worldwide.

Organisational chart

Giovanni Grazioli

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Procurement Manager
Sales Manager

Lorena Grazioli

Member of the Board of Directors
Administration Manager

Luca Grazioli

Operational Manager
 Production and Personnel Manager

Mario Grazioli

Technical Department and Prototyping Manager

Michele Perego

Logistics Manager

Margherita Grazioli

Commercial Assistant

Sergio Ledda

Quality Assurance Manager

Dario Ghislandi

Quality Control Manager

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